U.S. And Kurdish Special Forces Raid ISIS Prison

Early this morning U.S. and Kurdish operatives executed a daring raid into ISIS territory, assaulting a heavily defended ISIS prison. Resulting in one U.S. service member’s death, and 70 hostages freed.

The mission was commenced when American intelligence assets had intercepted an order that the 70 prisoners were to be executed at dawn, including 20 Iraqi security service personnel.

The two countries elite forces rode in on five specially outfitted Blackhawks and Chinook helicopters from the United States Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, also known as the Night Stalkers. These pilots are considered the best in the world, and have performed many missions in hostile territory.

Chinooks, probably Black Hawks were used. U.S. And Kurdish Special Forces Raid ISIS Prison.Chinooks along with BlackHawks have been used. Here is Chinook with Apache AH-64 Gunship.

It has been confirmed by Iraqi officials that the raid was in conjunction with U.S. airstrikes that were severing roads near the Iraqi town of Hawija,  the aircraft loitered in case additional ISIS counter assault teams came to the defense of the prison.

 “They cut off roads and raided the place successfully,” Najmaldin Karim, the governor of surrounding Kirkuk Province, told the New York Times in an interview “They were able to take people with them.” Meaning the Kurdish and U.S. forces captured five ISIS personnel for the purposes of gathering further intelligence on the terrorist organization.

U.S. And Kurdish Special Forces Raid ISIS Prison. Here is an image from the bombing of ISIS from a bomber, B-1B.

The operation comes on the heels of Russian involvement in Syria and the cancellation of a Pentagon program to arm moderate Syrian rebels.

The raid was likely part of the broader push to increase pressure on ISIS on all of their fronts. They have been pushed back on the by Peshmerga, Iraqi, Iranian, Tribal forces and increased U.S. led coalition airstrikes.

ISIS has recently retreated from key cities and oil production facilities, costing them men, money, and territory. It looks as though ISIS might be at  death’s door step in the near future.

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The U.S. service member that was killed was the first U.S. military personnel to die in Iraq since the 2011 withdrawal.

So far American military officials have declined to comment on specifics but have confirmed the raid.


  1. Jackson Robertson said: “It looks as though ISIS might be at death’s door step in the near future.” That is perfectly fine with everyone that lives or at least attempts to live a civilized life, because we know that ISIS has no clue of what civilization is. 


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