About Us

About Us

Defensionem is a reputable source of information about the weapon systems that you love, providing up-to-date content about strategic military assets, geopolitics, and the servicemen and women who protect our freedom.

The adventure started in 2014, with the Global Defence Journal. The aim was to supply the public with pictures, reports, news and analysis of past and current conflicts and weapon platforms.

In October 2015, as the community, fan base, and admins included, grew, the decision was taken to rebrand the page as Defensionem, which in Latin means, “defence”.

Our writers come from different backgrounds, but all have a passion for defense, history, and the future of warfare. Here is some background information about our authors. If you wish to contact us, you can reach us at contactus@defensionem.com. You can also click on the author’s image for their articles.

About Our Authors.

Dixie Hughes, Author at Defensioem

Dixie Hughes has served with the British Royal Navy where he attended Britannia Royal Naval College. He then served as a police officer for 26 years where he performed undercover work fighting domestic terrorism, retiring in the year 2000. He has articles published in The U.S. Defense Report and the U.K. Defence Journal. He has a special passion for Middle Eastern related issues, where he is considered by many to be an expert. Dixie is from the United Kingdom.  

Jackson Robertson, Defensionem. Writing articles, columns and blogs about the forever changing political and military landscape.Jackson Robertson
has had a strong drive to study warfare since discovered that his grandfather was a North American F-86 fighter pilot for the USAF. He has a passion for writing, which became a career. He has written for middle eastern publications, local newspapers, and defense publications, such as  The U.S. Defense Report and the U.K. Defense Journal. He currently writes press releases for products for defense-related firms but also writes articles, columns, and blogs that have been widely circulated among U.S. Embassies and NATO institutions. Jackson is from the United States. 

Renaud Mayers has had a decade long passion for firearms, tactics, strategy, and history. His father was in the Belgian Navy,Renaud Mayers. Author, Defensionem. Currently working on behalf of the Belgian Ministry of Defence, thanks to my knowledge in WWII and other areas. Working in two WWII era fortresses still belonging to the Army. Step-Father worked at FN Herstal. His passion for  WW II goes back to his visits as a kid of underground forts in Belgium. His interest of Soviet/Russian hardware goes back to the Balkans, the first conflict which he researched a large amount. Three years ago, he became a guide in a WWII fortress belonging to the Ministry of Defence in Belgium, where he had to study the history of modern fortifications throughout Europe, how they were built, the evolution, how they worked and what weapons and tactics were used against them. Recently he has had a drive to write well-researched and informationally rich defense and history-oriented articles. Renaud lives in the UK and is from Belgium. Renaud has published various books (which is available on Defensionem) and is one of our esteemed authors and is a co-founder of Defensionem.

Mel Daniels is from the United States of America.

Brian McConville grew up in Florida and received a history degree from the University of West Florida. He enjoys researching OSINT and has written in-depth covering the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, receiving critical acclaim. The articles were read by over a million people.

cutmypicAdrian Mocanu is currently studying history and no one is better at history than him and is also majoring in History. He has the amazing talent of colorising black and white photos of war and bringing them to life. Adrian also is a follower of geopolitical currents. He writes fascinating blogs and articles on weapon systems and flash points around the world. He also likes collecting World War items. Adrian is from Romania is a co-founder of Defensionem.

Eduardo Charlier is has a lot of passion for the military, which includes fire-arms, naval aviation and warships. Eduardo has this amazing passion where he reads often and travels; interacting with locals and veterans involved in various conflicts. He’s studying Marine Engineering and is from Brazil.

Patrick Morrison is well versed in defense related subjects but has a special passion for the small militaries of the world as well as South American militaries. He has a knack for uncovering hidden and rare occurrences throughout history, and has written many well-sourced blog posts about them. Patrick is from Trinidad, Caribbean is a co-founder of Defensionem.

Syed Sabbir Ahmed spent most of his life in the UK and is a Marine Engineer. He has written various articles for various sites and is very passionate about Naval Warfare. He probably knows everything about various ships and is a walking encyclopedia. Syed is a co-founder of Defensionem.

We also have other authors who help us handle our website and app, as it can get very technical. We use one of the finest technologies in the world and working everyday to give our users good content and a snappier experience.

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