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He who rules the seas rules the world. Here is everything you wanted to know about naval warfare.

German Commerce Raiders
How do you attack your enemies' shipping lanes when your warships are hunted down everywhere on the globe and when your own ports are blockaded ? The Germans found a solution to this problem: German Commerce Raiders
A small guide to Type XXI or the "Elektroboote", Hitler's underwater weapon that changed the History of Submarine Warfare.
X-FILES: Encounters on the Battlefield. William Shakespeare once wrote  “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” This one line suggest that despite making great strides to...
The railgun will simply change the way wars are conducted. From logistics to armor, militaries will be forced to quickly adapt the way they do business.
Admiral Kuznetsov
The chaotic destiny of the Admiral Kuznetsov missile cruiser carrying aircrafts from 1982 in Ukraine to present day in Russia.
The Barbary Wars: The First War on Terror. How the United States Navy ended up confronting Barbary pirates and slave traders.
US Navy in troubled waters
US Navy in troubled waters : Why do the 7th fleet ships keep on crashing into things ?
A hypothetical look into just what a modern Battleship would be like using today's advanced technology and building practices.
The Lider destroyer class is meant to replace the Udaloy class, Sovremennyy class as well as the Slava class.
The two Navies will aim to warn North Korea and China that the United States is serious about military action regarding the North's nuclear bomb and missile testing.