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The greatest events of the past, some which had its impact on hundreds of millions of people. Examine the wars and conflicts of the past.

Missile launches by North Korea, threats to preemptively nuke the U.S. & Chinese aggression have sparked 300,000 South Korean joined by 15,000 U.S. soldiers.
The United States celebrated its independence from the British this weekend on July 4th, though it's national anthem was not made until almost 50 years later during the war in 1812. Here is how the song came to be, and the meaning behind it as explained by Dudley Rutherford. "let me...
A war against Iran could set the whole Middle-East on fire. With the war of words gathering momentum between the US and Iran, the potential for a real conflict between those two countries seems increasingly real. However, many factors are...
Belgian fortifications overview and Aubin-Neufchateau case study. Why Belgium built modern fortifications and how they worked.
How did Germany produce so many aces in WWII? There are, as usual with such questions, several factors at play. First, we must take a look at aerial warfare during WWI. By 1914, flight was in its infancy, let alone aerial warfare, which...
A hypothetical look into just what a modern Battleship would be like using today's advanced technology and building practices.
How Israel stole a MiG-21 in 1966 to study it and develop tactics to defeat it in the event of a war with its Arab neighbours
A brief history about the Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Afghan Air Forces.
The Norwegian Home Guard and U.S. Marines Corps have been moving hundreds of pre-positioned Tanks and LAVs from their secure storage in the mountains surrounding Trondheim, all for one of Norway's largest joint exercises, Cold Response.
Possibly the largest airstrike in the last five years has killed over 150 militants at a terroist training camp 120 miles North of Mogadishu.