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A new Air Force Space Command video reminds us that we have taken the control of space & cyberspace for granted.
If you haven't heard of General Mattis then you have had your head in the sand. The guy is quite possibly one of the most intimidating generals still kicking.
BREAKING: Conflict in the Caucasus. After decades of simmering tensions over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, fighting broke out in the Armenian region of Azerbaijan early today with reports of up to 30 soldiers killed with unknown amounts of civilians also perishing. Two helicopters and several tanks were also destroyed...
The report by reuters does not mention the exact timing of the patrol that would sale through the 12-nautical mile limit around a disputed island would occur, but it's thought to be within hours or days.
A shadow alliance between two the globe's superpower's has lead to an ear of new cooperation in the form of a shared belief that the Kurdish people are mutually beneficial in the fight against Islamic extremism and despots in the Middle East.
The U.S. will deploy an Armored Brigade Combat Team to Europe in February. Increasing its total presence to that of a division.
168 days of Russian intervention in Syria, the results, the changes and the future of the ever complex and troubled region.
The U.S. Army is thinking of procuring the same system for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.
Missile launches by North Korea, threats to preemptively nuke the U.S. & Chinese aggression have sparked 300,000 South Korean joined by 15,000 U.S. soldiers.
Possibly the largest airstrike in the last five years has killed over 150 militants at a terroist training camp 120 miles North of Mogadishu.