The Marine Corps’ Receives First Two Unmanned Capable Kaman K-MAX Helicopters

The K-Max is a unique military heavy lift helicopter: the beast can fly unmanned. The K-MAX was originally deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 were it delivered 4.5 million pounds of cargo. It not only took pilots out of harm's way...

An Up To Date Map Detailing The Military Situation In Iraq, Syria, And Kurdistan.

While ISIS has lost considerable ground in Iraq and in Syria they still have been conducting targeted offensive operations at key cities and fighting postions.

Watch: Video of U.S. Navy SEALs In Intense Firefight With ISIS

The Navy SEALs and Peshmerga forces were in an armored convoy that was on its way to help pinned down Kurdish forces. Shortly before the video begins the convoy is then halted by an RPG shot to the lead vehicle that...

Watch: Spooky Air Force Space Command Video

A new Air Force Space Command video reminds us that we have taken the control of space & cyberspace for granted.

General “Mad Dog Mattis” As Commander In Chief?

If you haven't heard of General Mattis then you have had your head in the sand. The guy is quite possibly one of the most intimidating generals still kicking.

BREAKING: Conflict in the Caucasus

BREAKING: Conflict in the Caucasus. After decades of simmering tensions over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, fighting broke out in the Armenian region of Azerbaijan early today with reports of up to 30 soldiers killed with unknown amounts of civilians...

U.S. Plans Third Patrol of Chinese Controlled Islands

The report by reuters does not mention the exact timing of the patrol that would sale through the 12-nautical mile limit around a disputed island would occur, but it's thought to be within hours or days.

A Way Forward: The Shadow Alliance of Superpowers in Syria

A shadow alliance between two the globe's superpower's has lead to an ear of new cooperation in the form of a shared belief that the Kurdish people are mutually beneficial in the fight against Islamic extremism and despots in the Middle East.

A Single Division To Hold Off Russia?

The U.S. will deploy an Armored Brigade Combat Team to Europe in February. Increasing its total presence to that of a division.

Russian Intervention In Syria: What Has Changed in 168 Days. Result, Adaptations, and Future.

168 days of Russian intervention in Syria, the results, the changes and the future of the ever complex and troubled region.
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Latest News

Operation Peace Spring

On the 7th of October 2019, the White House announced that American forces would withdraw from Northern Syria, ahead of an anticipated Turkish military operation in the region. The response, worldwide, was of shock and disbelief: Were the Americans abandoning their loyal Kurdish allies? As the world watched on, Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring.
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Russian Navy and Air Force problems

Russian Navy and Air Force problems. Both services are modernising, but progress is uneven and mistakes are being made: Overview.

Voyage of the Damned: The Last (Only) ride of the Russian Second Pacific Squadron.

The Battle of Tsushima was only the final act in an ill fated voyage that was poorly planned and conceived in an desperate attempt to relieve the Russian fleet trapped in the Pacific.

Russian anti-stealth radars

Russian anti-stealth radars. Moscow is more often than not publicly dismissive of stealth technology. In Russia, American stealth aircraft are often presented in the press as a gimmick. Yet, at the same time, Russia has been developing a multitude of anti-stealth radars and sensors. So, in private at least, they seem to actually pay attention to low observable planes and drones…

The cruise missile theory

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the attacks on two oil installations in Saudi Arabia, on Saturday the 14th of September 2019. People have showed a lot of scepticism regarding the whole affair: How can a country at war and armed to the teeth with the best the West can offer be taken by surprise by a cruise missile attack, people ask. What usually follows is a list of conspiracy theories and flawed technical arguments…