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The greatest events of the past, some which had its impact on hundreds of millions of people. Examine the wars and conflicts of the past.

Shock & Awe. What started as a military operation with one simple aim led to a chain of events with terrible consequences.
Nuclear close calls: How the Cold War brought the world to the edge of destruction and how we seem to follow the same path once again.
What if I were to tell you that in 1974 the United States Government, in conjunction with an eccentric industrialist, conspired to salvage an Soviet ballistic missile submarine which had sank just six years prior?...
Operation Red Dragon. In 1964, Belgian paras aided by the USAF intervened in Congo/Zaire to free European and Congolese hostages
More about the composition of the Kuznetsov airwing in Syria.
The Hmeimim airbase has been the subject of a lot of attention in the past weeks with the Russian government signing a lease agreement approved by Damascus. What does it all mean? How important is...
NBC has learned that the CIA is prepping for a possible cyber strike against Russia for their interference in U.S. elections.
The Yemen Houthi rebels just handed the U.S. a gold mine and they didn't even know it.
According to a report by FOX News, Russia used cluster munitions on a base used by American and British Special Forces last month. The bombing run came after an agreement between Russia and the U.S. to double check with one another before making specific bombing runs.
During the NATO summit in Poland this week NATO leaders unveiled a plan to station a battalion to each Baltic nation and Poland.