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The greatest events of the past, some which had its impact on hundreds of millions of people. Examine the wars and conflicts of the past.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party primary, and then Hillary Clinton (to my chagrin) in the US Presidential Election. I am no champion of President Donald Trump, his general behavior, or most...
A brief history of the most well known secret base on Earth.
Playing with fire
Are world leaders playing with fire? With the ABM treaty gone and the INF treaty under threat, will the two superpowers let go of any rules ?
The United States celebrated its independence from the British this weekend on July 4th, though it's national anthem was not made until almost 50 years later during the war in 1812. Here is how the...
A hypothetical look into just what a modern Battleship would be like using today's advanced technology and building practices.
Belgian fortifications overview and Aubin-Neufchateau case study. Why Belgium built modern fortifications and how they worked.
One of the most sorely fought battles of the Second World War, was the fight for Kohima.
There is no denying that World War II was by far thee most devastating and horrific conflict in human history. From 1939 to 1945, an estimated 80 million people were killed and saw the rise...
Many of our readers from England got a peek at the President's security detail while POTUS traveled around London over the weekend, and a particular reader noticed somthing that caught their eye and it wasn't the sharply dressed Secret Service agents often seen with the President.
Shock & Awe. What started as a military operation with one simple aim led to a chain of events with terrible consequences.