Footage: U.S. and Iraqi Spec Ops – Hostage Rescue Raid

Defensionem Footage: U.S. and Iraqi Spec Ops - Hostage Rescue Raid

Rare footage of  a joint U.S. and Iraqi Special Operations forces hostage rescue raid, Sadr City. 

In the early 2000’s Iraq Spec Ops teams were relatively effective, but they did not remain so. I can remember a story regarding 30 Iraqi Humvees that were abandoned in a Ramdi stadium during the initial push by Daesh into Iraq. These were specialized Humvees for Iraqi Spec op units, sometimes costing as much as $600,000 apiece. Now we see these same vehicles being packed with explosives and used as VBIEDs against the Iraqis.

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You can spot a few mishaps by the Iraqis in this video that required an American to give corrections. Unfortunately they have regressed in their abilities since the coalition advisors were depleted in numbers over the years. There are videos of Iraq Spec Ops now reverting to the old “throw your weapon above your head and blind fire.” Hopefully we see Daesh destroyed soon as I do not place much faith in the Iraqis to get the job done.

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