Japanse Navy To Conduct Joint Show Of Force With U.S. Toward North Korea. As the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group heads to North Korea it will meet up with elements of the Japanese Navy, a Reuters report confirmed.

The two Navies will aim to warn North Korea and China that the United States is serious about military action regarding the North’s nuclear bomb and missile testing. The show of force comes just days after 59 Tomahawks were launched by the U.S.N. at Shayrat air base in Syria. 

The USS Carl Vinson strike group is made up of the Nimitz-class carrier USS Carl Vinson, the Burke class destroyer USS Lake Champlain, and the Ticonderoga-class cruisers USS Wayne E. Meyer, and USS Micheal Murphy. The ships are carrying around  350 odd missiles between them and the 70 aircraft onboard the Vinson. The Japanse also possess a sophisticated Navy,  the spread of destroyers they have are almost as capable as the U.S.N.’s Arleigh Burkes and should make North Korea consider its future actions.

Saturday marks the birthday of Kim Il Sung birthday. Which could cause problems as Kim Jr. likes to shoot off missiles in honor of his pops? Hopefully, America got its THAAD system set up already.



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