Watch: Spooky Air Force Space Command Video

After a decade and a half of fighting insurgents who have almost zero technical knowledge the U.S. Military has lost a fair amount of focus on fighting a conventional war with a near-peer adversaries like Russia or China.  Though, for the last two years, the military has gotten its ass in gear and has started to transform itself into the type of force that it needs to be in order to win in that scenario. There is one problem however, they have taken the complete domination of Space and Cyberspace for granted. This new Air Force Space Command video reminds the public and the military’s political masters that the U.S. military should also train in manner that excludes those battlespace luxuries.

China has started to concentrate heavily on anti-satellite weaponry while Russia has made disturbingly impressive progress in the field of tactical ground based electronic warfare. Time for the U.S. to improve in both of these fields if it wants to remain the undisputed sole superpower.  The U.S. Navy has gotten the hint and recently started training officers to navigate by the using the stars aka celestial navigation but they will need to do far more to keep the ability to fight in a gps denied environment.


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