A Single Division To Hold Off Russia?

With EUROCOM set to have its budget nearly quadrupled to $3.8 Billion (more than a few European countries defense budgets) the U.S. will deploy an Armored Brigade Combat Team to Europe in February. With two other U.S. brigades already in place, a Stryker brigade and an Airborne brigade, the third edition will mark the total presence of a division, the first time one has been stationed in Europe in over a decade.

“This is in response to Russia’s provocations” – U.S. Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter

The 250 tanks, armored vehicles, associated equipment, and 5,000 soldiers will be temporarily be based in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania. Each country will get a self sufficient battalion. The U.S. has also offered the Baltic nations intelligence, Special Forces, and aircraft support.

Question for our readers: Do you think in the advent of a Russian invasion of Europe, that the U.S. and its division and NATO members can hold the Russians off till adequate reinforcements arrive from across the Atlantic?


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