A Redditor that goes by the user name “zambuka42” accidently discovered a squad of American Special Forces hunting Kony.

The Redditor is part of anti-poaching force in the Chinko Nature Reserve in the The Central African Republic, located in an area bordering Congo & S. Sudan. While on patrol in his lightweight surveillance aircraft it crashes onto a field.

When all of a sudden “in true American fashion, 4 shirtless buff guys came by in this badass car to check in.”

The car he is describing is actually a military grade Polaris side by side all terrain vehicle. He was then told by one of the “Americans” that he to was a Redditor and he was ok with him taking a take a pic of his ride and putting it on the site.


While it’s known the U.S. operates in several African nations, including drone bases, there is very little info regarding Special Operations on the continent, and even more so the hunt to find Joseph R. Kony, who is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). A group which has committed massive acts of violence, including and not limited to using children to wage his war.

You can find more about redditor zambuka42 brilliant anti-poaching work by clicking here.





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