Zeljava Underground Air Base

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Zeljava Underground Air Base. The Yugoslavian underground airbase.

Zeljava Air Base
Zeljava Air Base. Then and now.

One of the most expensive military project in post-war Europe, it took 20 years to build. The base could house 3 full squadron of MiG-21 and was surrounded on the surface by 5 runways.

Zeljava Air Base
Zeljava Air Base

Up to 1000 people could operate and shelter inside the base for up to 30 days in a row if needed. Zeljava was designed to withstand a direct impact from a 40 kiloton nuclear warhead. Nowadays, the base straddles the border between Croatia and Bosnia. Visiting is extremely dangerous as thousands of anti-personal mines are still present throughout the site on the surface.

Renaud Mayers
Currently working on behalf of the Belgian Ministry of Defence, thanks to my knowledge in WWII and other areas. Working in two WWII era fortresses still belonging to the Army.

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