“AREA 52?”: Dugway Proving Grounds

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the attacks on two oil installations in Saudi Arabia, on Saturday the 14th of September 2019. People have showed a lot of scepticism regarding the whole affair: How can a country at war and armed to the teeth with the best the West can offer be taken by surprise by a cruise missile attack, people ask. What usually follows is a list of conspiracy theories and flawed technical arguments…

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Patrick Morrison
Name is Patrick, I live on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and I have had an interest in military history and news since I was young. I like to focus on the lesser known events in military history, as well as highlight countries and regions you normally don't hear about often. So i hope i am able to inform you correctly and make you a little more aware of the world around you.

“AREA 52”: Dugway Proving Grounds. A little while ago I did a brief overview and history about Area 51 (http://www.defensionem.com/paradise-ranch-real-area-51/), the world’s more well known secret base. In it I said how the facility may no longer be the the primary base the U.S. Government uses to test new technology and aircraft, due to its notoriety in the public domain. Though Area 51 will always be the grand daddy of secret bases, there is in fact another military base in which many believe the U.S. Military now conducts most of their “Black Projects”. A base many have even dubbed “Area 52”



Located 85 miles south west of Salt Lake City, Utah, is where you would find Dugway Proving Grounds. A massive 1,252 square mile patch of land in the middle of nowhere. It is officially operated by both the U.S. Army’s Test and Evaluation Command and the United States Air Force. Just like Area 51, Dugway is surrounded by mountain ranges and far away from any and all prying eyes. But the facility itself is actually older than its Nevada counter part, as the base was opened during World War 2. This came about when the U.S. Army’s Chemical Warfare Service came to the conclusion that they needed a new testing facility that was far away from the public.


In 1942, the facility was opened and began to test Toxic agents and other chemicals for the Army. Its remote location in the Great Salt Lake Desert of Utah made, made the facility the perfect place to test such weapons. As there was little chance of any major

A 1961 aerial photo shows the flow of toxic gas in the Dugway Proving Ground test grid area

population centers being affected by the chemicals which were being tested. After the war, Dugway was initially deactivated by the army in 1946. But was reactivated in the early 1950s during the Korean War, confirmed as a permanent Department of the Army installation in 1954. 4 years later, the Army’s Chemical Center moved its Chemical, Biological Radiological School from Maryland to the facility.

But Chemical and Biological warfare were not the only things being tested at the facility, as from 1985 to 1991, the facility played host to the U.S. Army Ranger’s Desert Training Phase. Where students were trained in basic desert survival skills until the school was moved back to Ft Bliss, Texas. But that has not stopped the military from using the massive instillation for training, as elements of the Army Reserve, National Guard and even the USAF (via Hill Air Force Base) have used the area to train units.

Now it must be noted that Dugway is quite possibly one of the largest military bases (By Area) operated within the continental United States. With 1,400 residents living there and with over 300 miles of road traversing the Proving Ground which is about the same size as the state of Rhode Island. The majority of the base personnel are actually civilian contractors who live with their families on site. As a result, the base has its own schools and even a Subway restaurant to cater to the civilian population, and honestly if I was in the middle of nowhere, a Subway would be a welcomed luxury. At the southern end of the base, is where you would find the USAF administrated area of Dugway. Far away from most of the “residential” area of the facility and where in recent years, it has undergone a multi-billion dollar expansion and security build up.

And this is where the mystery of “Area 52” begins.

Although Dugway was created as a site where the Army could test both chemical and biological agents, in recent years the Proving Grounds has been the center of numerous “Unidentified Flying Object” sightings in and around the surrounding regions. As well as other “strange” happening which have been reported by locals living outside the base perimeter. Much like another base which I had covered just a few months ago.

Just like Area 51, people have reported seeing mysterious “Crafts” above and around the base. With one sighting coming from an Native American Police Officer who works on the Goshute Reservation some miles from the base. He reported that he saw a “Flying Saucer” while on patrol in the desert. He also reported that not too long after he saw the “aircraft” disappear over the mountains, a pair of Fighter Jets flew over and in to the direction the UFO had traveled.

Another infamous sighting happened to a farmer who was driving near the base one evening. As he neared the one of the base entrances, he suddenly saw a “Black Triangular Craft” hovering above the base. No sooner did he see the craft, he could hear alarms going off inside the facility before the craft suddenly vanished before his eyes. Later that evening, he heard that the base had gone into lockdown around the same time in which he had seen the sighting, but the official statement was that the lockdown was due to a missing vial of nerve agent on the base, but there was no mention of the UFO sighting.

There subsequent sightings near the base have lead many to believe that Dugway has become America’s new test site for now/exotic technologies, thus dubbing it “The New Area 51 and even Area 52”

Artist rendition of the alleged TR-3 “Black Manta” said to be currently operating out of Dugway

Now I must strongly point out that these apparent UFO sightings do NOT automatically mean we are being visited by little green men or “Greys” or what ever. Much like Area 51, these sightings are more than likely the result of numerous new technologies currently being developed by the U.S. Government in secret. But while it is plausible that the base is being used to test new aircraft, there are those who believe that Dugway is much more than a test site.

According to some, Dugway is not only home to the US Army and Air Force, but is also home to a clandestine United States Space Force. A conspiracy linked to the alleged “Solar Warden” program which was supposedly created back in the 1980. It has been suggested that many of the UFOs which have been spotted over the years, were actually vessels which are apart of this supposed space fleet and that Dugway is their primary resupply base. Yes I know this theory is kinda ridiculous and bat sh*t crazy, but…. There may be some merit to it.

When you think about it, Dugway would be the perfect place to have such an operation going. Its far away in an mostly remote section of the US and unlike Area 51, Dugway is not as well known. Now I am not saying that such a space force exist, I am just saying that Dugway would be a prime location to host such an operation. But this may not be the only secret program being conducted at the base.

Even stranger that the idea of a space force, Dugway may also be the testing site for powerful energy based weaponry currently being developed for the military, in other words, Lasers. Now although at present the U.S. Military is looking into the idea of placing such weapons on future warships and even aircraft. It is believed that the weapons being tested at Dugway are more powerful than what the military lets on. Photographs have surfaced showing bright beams of light shooting out from the base and into the sky, but as to what they really are still remains a mystery.

Alleged leaser weapon test being conducted

Now I must point out that this is all just speculation. Despite what many eyewitnesses have reported over the years, there is really no way to know as to what really goes on inside the base. Though it may be safe to assume that Dugway may have taken over as the U.S. Government’s primary testing facility for new aircraft and other black projects. Area 51 has become rather mainstream in popular culture and every year, thousands of people trek into the Nevada desert in an attempt to see something out of the ordinary.

Dugway does not have that level of fame its Nevada counter part enjoys, making it the perfect place to conduct many clandestine test. But it may only be a matter of time before the Proving Grounds gets it own following and people are willing to camp out in the Utah desert in hopes of seeing something out of the ordinary.

In conclusion, we may never truly know what is going on within Dugway. As the base and its personnel seem keen on keeping what ever secrets it contains. What ever programs currently exist at the Proving Grounds will continue until such time the government feels the need to reveal them to the public. But until the Government decides to open up on Dugway, we may never truly know just what is going on inside what many now call “Area 52”


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