THAAD System Arrives in South Korea, After North’s Missile Test

Defensionem THAAD System Arrives in South Korea, After North's Missile Test

THAAD System Arrives in South Korea, After North’s Missile Test. The strategically game-changing Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD ) system has landed in South Korea only one day after North Korea’s Kim launched four medium-range missiles into the Sea of Japan.

Kim later commented that the missile launches were to show Japan and the U.S. that the North has the capability to strike U.S. and Japanese bases. THAAD is being deployed to protect south Korea and Japan from this very threat.

THAAD, made by Lockheed Martin, has an astounding 100% intercept hit record, something not seen in any other system. The short to medium range anti-missiles missiles on the system are indeed impressive and it makes China and Russia nervous. The two regional powers have protested to no end at the deployment. Russia and China’s concerns are that the anti-missile system erodes their nuclear deterrent. While there is some truth to that it’s not nearly to the level that they claim.

The people of South Korea and Japan can sleep a little be easier tonight knowing THAAD is protecting from that crazy fat ass, despot dictator, known as Kim.

The U.S. currently operates a THAAD system on Guam.

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